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Currently a 3rd year BDes Animation student at DJCAD, just starting to widen my horizons and dabble in 3D and special effects. This blog is really just full of random pictures from my work and equally random ramblings about everything and anything.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Week 5

Blog, I've been abandoning you. You know, people grow apart. I am here to ask for your forgiveness. CHEERS.

Right, so it's week 5 and a lot has gone on since I last wrote here. 

Dr Wen has been scripted and storyboarded a million times. Well, actually about 6. It feels like a million though, because I'm writing the scripts. Worse for Robbie though, cause he's doing the storyboards, so I shouldn't moan. 

It's a bit stressful really to still be messing with the storyboards at this stage, but the basic shape of the idea is staying the same, so it's not really a hindrance to the other things going on. Just ironing little things out.

Anyways, tonight I started modelling Dr Wen. And I hate Dr Wen, I hate Maya, and I hate everything associated with both of them. 

I just keep telling myself "This is your first time modelling, you will get better." 
Here's hoping. 

This is what I have accomplished tonight. Tomorrow, it will become a masterpiece.

updated picture- what i managed before bed