So, basically...

Currently a 3rd year BDes Animation student at DJCAD, just starting to widen my horizons and dabble in 3D and special effects. This blog is really just full of random pictures from my work and equally random ramblings about everything and anything.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

So earlier when I said about getting the train? That's out the window, my line to Edinburgh's closed. So until either that opens, or the busses to Edinburgh come back on, or the roads to Dundee re-open, I'm stuck here. I hope to god we get an extension, even just a little one. I'm sure I could cram my 4 days studio work into 3, 2 if I don't sleep or eat. I'll get my essay done before I'm back in Dundee, I made quite a dent in it tonight.

I'm going crazy being stuck here >:O

Monday, 29 November 2010

So, 3D Flour sack? After 2 short days, this is how mine turned out...

And do you know what? It actually wasn't so bad. Making it, I mean. I think one day, me and Maya could become good friends.

Jesus, I'm sorry it's been so long.

I keep forgetting about this blog :(

Anyways, what's happened since we last spoke? A lot, I'm guessing haha. I've had a week off for being ill, then I had a week of intense catching up, followed by a week of 3d work, and now? I'm stuck at home because of the snow, a week before my assessment :|

So yeah, I'm trying to get this essay done. But there's a good 4 days of studio work waiting for me in Dundee :( Nothing I can do though, the roads I take are all closed. If it persists past Wednesday I guess I'll have to try get the train :|

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Flour Sack

So, flour sack. Yup. Finally worked out a walk cycle for him (yay!) Got a line test of this (only the keys, mind you) done yesterday, and it seems to work well. Plan today is finish the keys for the whole animation, maybe get the full thing line tested. Woop.