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Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Sorry I've been ignoring you, blog. I've been run off my heels with the start of semester 2.

Let me sum it up for you quickly. Over the holidays we had to think of a character description, without producing any drawings. When we came back, we picked the 6 best from the class, and now we're working in groups of 4, designing the look of the characters, and producing a 40s long story that involves a change of clothes and a switch of emotion. The character my group are working on is a builder/chef guy, courtesy of Ben.

To sum him up, he's a big guy (reminiscent of mr incredible, bluto, desperate dan) who works as a builder. When he comes home at night, he turns into a chef, who cooks up beautiful food using his tools.

So for the past few days we've been messing with the plot and doodling away. Final model sheets have to be done for Thursday, I'll stick them up when I finish them. 

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