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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Jesus, it's been a while.

Hey blog! What do you mean? It's me! Naw? Oh come on, I was busy. I won't do it again. I'm sorry blog, you now have my undivided attention. 

What even was the last thing I posted? Oh wow. Okay, here goes.

So, since then it's been like... 3 months. A whole semester, almost. So yeah, after designing the chef (now affectionately, and often resentfully) known as Chuck, the class voted Jamie's design as the best one, and we all got to work learning how to draw him. Not an easy task, but with Jamie constantly cracking the whip (metaphorically, of course) we all soon got to grips with it. Well, basically. 

So after a while of practicing mad poses and the like, we got working on the plot of the 40 second piece we were going to animate. The plot changed about a million times, but we settled on one eventually. This was actually well after we'd storyboarded a few times, pretty frustrating like.

So yeah, once all was sorted, we got to doing 10 seconds worth of keyframing each. Once that was done, we swapped about and started inbetweening. New discovery? I hate inbetweening more than charting and dopesheets combined. Traditional animation keeps slipping down the list of ways I want to work, but you still can't beat how it looks.

I'll stick up a few line tests within the next couple of days ( I promise!) I just need to buy a new memory stick first. No idea where mines has gone.

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